How to upload documents to the website

Many organizations and groups wish to upload a document to their website. Below are a few ways to accomplish this as well as the steps to easily do this within your PTOffice account.

Copy minutes and add to a page

  1. Copy the minutes from whatever type of document you created previously using the cut and paste method.
  2. Create a new web page within your website and paste the contents of the clipboard into a text editor module within the new page. Note that web pages can sometimes pull formatting data from the original document which may adversely affect the formatting of your new page. We recommend pasting it as plain text and re-formatting it to make sure the page performs as desired.

Add a link or button to the document on your website

  1. Upload the document to your website by logging into your website module, clicking the Media menu item on the left and adding a new file. You will be asked to select a file from your hard drive to upload. Once uploaded, this file will now have a URL link that can be used on your website. 
  2. Now you can add a link or a button to your website using this file's URL.
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