Product Updates

Coming soon!

  • All new store setup process
  • All new membership fee setup process
  • Smoother store checkout process
  • Updated 'Graduate' feature
  • Improved image uploading and display
  • Easier profile editing

On our roadmap for 2021!

  • All new sign up setup process
  • Improved sign up front-end
  • Improved duplicate checker process
  • Increased flexibility of store and stripe integration (connect different stores to different stripe accounts)
  • Drag and drop functionality throughout the application
  • All new Media module capabilities
  • Improved dashboard display and reporting
  • Streamlined member adding and editing
  • Improved and streamlined member registration setup and process
  • New "Vendor" style stores with "Click to Sell" functionality to instantly add a new vendor storefront for fundraising
  • New "Organization Branding" capabilities
  • Improved subscription management
  • All new Notebook interface

2/1/2021 Updates

  • Various system speed improvements
  • Improved payment error messaging for customer (ie. Card expired or Card declined)
  • New and improved storefront - easier item viewing and order placement
  • Added functionality to various directory templates to allow for classroom filtering
  • Improved order tracking systems for Admins
  • Drag and drop reordering of store items
  • Various bug fixes

1/2/2021 Updates

  • Removal of the ability to add script code to multiple fields within system
  • Improved email statistics scrolling
  • Ability to register from store or sign up pages
  • Relocation of chat and support access to "?" blue icon
  • Improved "login required" pages for stores and sign ups
  • Server upgrade for improved security, speed and power
  • Improved connection with Stripe to allow for easier order location between platforms
  • Multiple bug fixes - specifically around system timeout errors

12/1/2020 Updates

  • Optimization of code for all module dashboard to improve speed of page loading
  • Improved load time for Classroom popup
  • New Support platform implemented
  • New forwarding address added for "New Fundraiser" button
  • Improved export data on Membership Fee payments
  • Increased Sign Up description field to allow unlimited text length
  • Multiple bug fixes - specifically around "duplicate member" and "3 parent household" issue

11/1/2020 Updates

  • Added ability to edit system email templates to Settings area
  • Added global language settings to Settings area
  • Improved checkout error messages
  • Removed required 'minimum 1 recipient' to save a draft email
  • Increased shopping timer from 5 to 15 minutes for checkout
  • Include capturing of state and time zone fields on account sign up
  • Removed "Membership Fee" section from profiles of those members listed as Alumni
  • Multiple bug fixes - specifically regarding member registration, checkout, and membership fee purchases

10/2/2020 Updates

  • Streamlined member registration process
  • Improved Contacts default menu items to include Members and Users
  • Added ability to send email to specific store customers based on items purchased
  • Improved sign up and purchase details on member profile page
  • Removed "Payment instructions" field for credit card option
  • Added ability for teacher or room parent specific users to send emails to their own classroom from their profile page
  • Reviewed and updated "Close" and "Cancel" buttons throughout system
  • Default contacts page to sort by last name
  • Add ability to auto-attached purchases or signups to profiles based on email address
  • Canadian state and zip format added
  • Ability to edit images from a copied store added
  • Reformatting of "check out timer" for mobile devices
  • Upgrading of transactional email version
  • Multiple bug fixes
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