Sign Up Is Not Showing

Are you receiving an "I'm sorry, but the page you're trying to access is currently outside of its publish dates." message when trying to view your sign up? Chances are it's either because the PUBLISH DATES haven't been accurately set, or you haven't created tasks/slots within a GROUP. Don't worry. It's a quick fix to get it back up and running!

Here's how:

  1. Login to PTOffice
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner and choose SIGN UPS
  3. Click on the sign up title you wish to edit
  4. Click on the PREVIEW SIGN UP button in the upper right hand corner
  5. Click on the PUBLISH/UNPUBLISH button and fix your dates so the sign up is currently published. NOTE: You may need to UNPUBLISH before you can fix the dates.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the Start and End dates you see on the DETAILS card in your sign up setup page are NOT the publish dates as detailed above. Rather, those dates help set the default times to be used when you create your tasks/slots/shifts.

ALSO NOTE: PTOffice organizes tasks/slots into Groups. Be sure you don't accidentally create a number of GROUPS when you intended to create a number of TASKS/SLOTS!

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