The Online Membership Directory Search Bar

PTOffice has a powerful online membership directory search bar that can be added to your PTOffice website. The data displayed is a direct reflection of the contact information within your organization. That being said, there are few key points you should be aware of as they relate to the search bar. They are as follows:

  • The search bar ALWAYS requires a visitor to login to complete a member search. That being said...
  • You can limit even a logged-in contact's ability to search based on whether or not they have paid a Membership Fee. And that being said...
  • You CANNOT limit a contact's information from being part of the search results based on whether or not they have paid a Membership Fee (see GOOD TO KNOW below to achieve this). The results will always display all contact information that is marked as SHOW from your database - whether or not they have paid a membership fee.
  • Your Classroom must be setup in order to conduct searches based on grades or classrooms.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you would like only "paid" members to appear in your directory, you can achieve this by doing the following (note - this should be done prior to a new school year starting to avoid needing to reset current members SHOW/HIDE status)...

  1. Perform a MASS UPDATE on all contact's in your database and mark everyone's information as set to "HIDE".
  2. Set a Membership Fee to only allow PAID members to update their contact information.

Doing this will now require all contact's to pay your Membership Fee in order to update their information to SHOW which in turn will allow them to be seen in your online searchable directory!

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