Deciding Between the Tip Jar or Percentage Processing Fee

In order to continue providing an exceptional PTO/PTA management platform for the lowest annual cost and highest possible revenue generation for your organization, PTOffice is powered by combining its low annual subscription cost with an optional "service fee" on credit card purchases. Because every organization runs differently, we allow you two options to handle the credit card fees. Here's a breakdown of the fees or costs associated with credit card purchases on PTOffice...

1. Credit card processing fee

All credit card processing is performed by Stripe, not PTOffice. Like every payment processor, Stripe charges its own fee for processing credit card payments (typically 2.2% + .30 for qualified non-profits).

2. PTOffice fee

PTOffice offers two types of fee options - a Free Tip Jar or a Percentage fee. Just pick the option that works best for you!

The following describes the differences between our Free Tip Jar option and the Percentage Processing Fee option. These options are only applied to items purchased within a Store or Fundraiser via credit card and DO NOT apply to purchases made with cash or check. Although a majority of our customers use the Free Tip Jar option, the description of each below can help you decide for yourself.


FREE TIP JAR - most popular!: With this option, the purchaser will be presented with an optional "Tip Jar" at checkout. This tip is covered by the customer and does not come out of your profit. The tip amount is a transaction between the customer and PTOffice and is electronically directed to PTOffice. Don't worry, if no one tips, PTOffice simply doesn't receive any tips. You will not be responsible for "making up the difference" or anything like that. :) Please note - It is against the Terms of Use to announce or suggest in any way that customers do not leave a tip. PTOffice depends on these very small tips to keep the lights on! These tips do not come out of any profit you may have received otherwise and are a direct interaction between the customer and PTOffice. Violation of these Terms of Use can result in a significant fine and account closure. Thanks you for your understanding!

You will see a breakdown of the Free Tip (or Percentage) fee in your Stripe account by hovering over the Fee "i" icon. Please note, if using the Free Tip option, this amount can differ between transactions as each customer tips differently. These tips are in addition to your item cost, so DO NOT affect your profit at all.

PERCENTAGE FEE: With this option, the Tip Jar will be removed and a required percentage processing fee will be applied at checkout - see Pricing. You have the option of adding this fee to your customer's order (customer covers the cost) or having the fee removed from the amount received from the purchase (organization covers the cost). This portion of the charge is electronically directed to PTOffice.

NOTE: Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 30c for each credit card transaction (qualified non-profits)

Good to Know: You must choose one of the two options. You cannot modify the wording on the Tip Jar.

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