Add a Google Calendar Page

With PTOffice, you can create a custom web page that displays the Google Calendar of your choice! Follow these steps:

  1. LOGIN to your Google Calendar page.
  2. Hover over the Google calendar you want to display and click the small drop arrow that appears and choose ‘CALENDAR SETTINGS’.
  3. Under the “EMBED THIS CALENDAR” section, copy the code you see in the text box.
  4. LOGIN to PTOffice and in the Website module, create a new page.
  5. When editing the new page (using PTOffice Page Builder), add an ‘HTML’ section from the BASIC MODULE section.
  6. PASTE the previously copied code in the text box and save your page with the various settings chosen as necessary.
  7. If desired, be sure to ADD A MENU ITEM to your site which shows this new Google Calendar page.

You will now see your Google Calendar appear on your website.

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