Manage Website Menus

PTOffice makes it easy to manage your Website’s Menus. You can edit the Display Name, the Display Order in which your menu’s displays, and the sub-menus. Keep in mind that newly created pages automatically get added to your menu system.

How to Access the Manage Menus area

  1. Go to the “WEBSITE” module from within the Admin side of PTOffice and hover over the “Website Appearance” menu item on the left and choose the “Customize” sup-menu item.
  2. Select the “MENUS” item on the left.
  3. Select the “DEFAULT” menu to edit it.
  4. From here, you can drag and drop to reorder menu item, you can drag in menu item to make them sub-menus of other items, and you can create new items altogether.

Add a menu item that links to another external page

  1. Click on “+ Add Items” button at the bottom of the menu list
  2. Click on “Custom Links” category
  3. Enter information and choose “Add to Menu”
  4. Place menu item is desired location among other menu items

Remove a menu item that no longer has a page associated to it

  1. When in the menu area, click on the expand arrow to show additional information about the menu item
  2. Click the "Delete" option to remove the menu item.
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