Create a Notebook

Most Committee Chairs document everything they do to run their committee in a notebook or binder. This notebook can get lost, stolen, or destroyed very easily which is why PTOffice created Notebooks. An online storage and instruction booklet that can be passed seamlessly from Chair to Chair each year.

Here's how to create a Notebook:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose NOTEBOOKS from the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner
  3. Click the NEW NOTEBOOK button to create a new notebook or click on a respective notebook title to edit a previously created notebook
  4. Add a Title for your notebook
  5. Provide a brief Description to help others know what this notebook is for
  6. Add Instructions or Tasks that need to be completed in order to successfully manage or run your committee or event. NOTE: If your notebook is linked to an event, you can set task due dates based on the event start date. If this option is not available, save your notebook and click the three dot menu option called "Link to Sign Up/Store" located on the Notebook dashboard

    7. Click the Revenue & Costs tab

    8. Click the ADD REVENUE AND COST button to enter various revenues and costs associated with your committee or event

    9. Click the Attachments tab

   10. Click the ADD ATTACHMENT button to attach a file such as a flyer or document that you'd like to keep with this notebook for the next chair

   11. Click the Sponsors tab

  12. Click ADD NEW SPONSOR button to keep track of any sponsors that may have supported your committee or event

  13. Click the Notes tab

  14. Enter any General, Things that went well, or Things that went poorly notes to help make next years committee or event go even better next year
  15. Click SAVE

Good to know:
Clicking the REPORT button located in the upper right hand corner of the Notebook set up page will export a one page summary of your notebook in PDF format.

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