View & Export Store Orders

Obviously it's nice to receive online orders, but sometime you need to slice and dice the information to create a nice report of all your online sales. For this reason, PTOffice allows you to filter and export all your orders into Excel.

Here's how to view and export your orders:

  1. Login to PTOffice
  2. Click the hamburger menu and click Stores
  3. Open the More menu towards the bottom of the left hand panel
  4. Click the Active Orders menu item
  5. Filter the orders list by clicking the filter icon and filter your view to your desired criteria
  6. Select all orders by clicking the check box next to the Trans ID column label
  7. With all the orders checked, click any of the three dots next to any of the orders and choose Export to Excel

Helpful hint: When looking at the list of stores, you can also click a store's 'three dot' menu and choose View Purchases which will pre-filter the orders page.

Be sure no pop up blockers are turned on. At this point, the system will download an Excel file to your default downloads folder. From there, you can open and view all your orders in Excel.

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