Create a Store

PTOffice provides you and your organization with all the tools necessary to sell items online. Anything you can sell for a set price (including donations and downloadable files) can be sold through your PTOffice online store.

Here's how to create your store:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose STORES from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click on the NEW STORE button to create a new store or click on the title of an existing one to begin editing that store
  4. If creating a new store, choose a template to get started, or to start from scratch, simply click the CREATE NEW STORE link

MANAGE STORE ORGANIZERSTo add organizers to this specific store, click the MANAGE ORGANIZERS link located just above the DETAILS card on the right. Organizers have full editing capabilities of the stores they are assigned to.


  • Title - The header for your store
  • Description - This will show just below your main header and should be a brief description of what your store is for


  • Upload Banner - The banner image display along the top of your store
  • Upload Background - The background image display in the background of the overall store
  • Out of Stock - If you are managing inventory levels for items within your store, how would you like to display the item when the stock runs out? You can overlay a SOLD OUT banner across the item's image in your store or you can remove the image altogether.


  1. Click + ADD NEW ITEM to begin adding items to your store to sell
  2. Input the various information for your item such as Product Name and Price.

NOTE 1: You can also set up free and donation style items in your store... FREE ITEMS: Make the cost = $0.00 & DONATION ITEMS: Make cost = empty value

NOTE 2: Prices, descriptions and images uploaded prior to creating Item Options will be used as the default values for each option combination created. These values can be edited later on a per combination basis.

  1. Choose if this item is a Physical product or a Downloadable file
  2. If you wish to Categorize items in your store, edit the various categories and assign one to your product. NOTE: Setting up your categories is easier to do all at once rather than as you add the items.
  3. If you wish to control the Display Order of your items (in what order they are seen within the store), you can control that by assigning a numerical value
  4. If you product has a specific Selling Period, enter the start and end dates in the respective fields. Items with a selling period will only be visible in your store between these two dates.
  5. If you wish to Track Inventory, enter the quantity you currently have on hand. You may also set a Reorder Point to receive an alert when your inventory drops to a certain level by enter an amount here
  6. If your item has multiple options (ie. Size, Color, etc.), you can manage those options by checking this box and clicking Add item options
  7. You can also collect Custom Info such as item specific fields needed. For example, say a customer is signing up multiple children to various enrichment classes. You can request that the purchaser add a child's name for each class that they purchase, so you can easily see which child belongs in which class.
  8. When finished creating items, you can drag and drop the order in which they display left to right from top to bottom on the storefront.


  • Require a Login - This will require all potential customers to log in prior to purchasing any items. This also means that each customer must be a registered user of your organization.
  • Set Customer Criteria - You can also require customers to meet certain criteria in order to purchase. For example, some organizations require customers be part of a certain group prior to purchasing. In these cases, the organization can set criteria that will not allow customers not in this group to make purchases.
  • Required Fields - If you wish to collect additional information from your customers, you may create these custom fields by clicking the Manage fields link. These fields will be requested to be filled out at check-out and are excellent for that information which is needed only once - like a ship to address or such.
  • Notify Organizer of Orders - Checking this box will send an email to all Organizers for the store whenever someone places an order.
  • Send a Thank You Note - You can set a custom message to be emailed to all customers when they complete their purchase.


  • Payment Methods - Choose which payment methods you will accept. You can also add payment instructions like who they should make a check out to or how they deliver their payment to you
  • Agree to Terms - If needed, you can also require your users to check a box that they agree to your terms prior to completing a purchase such as "I understand there are no refunds."

IMPORTANT- Click the PREVIEW button in the top right hand corner of the store setup page to see what your store will look like when published. In preview mode, you are also able to set the PUBLISH dates for your store.

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