Create a Sign Up

With PTOffice, you can create extremely powerful Sign Ups with just a handful of clicks. Below we walk you through the various options and what they do.

Here’s how to create a sign up:

  1. Login to your PTOffice
  2. Click on SIGN UPS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click on the NEW SIGN UP button to create a new sign up or click on the title of an existing one to begin editing that sign up
  4. If creating a new sign up, choose a template to get started, or to start from scratch, simply click the CREATE NEW SIGN UP link

MANAGE SIGN UP ORGANIZERSTo add organizers to this specific sign up, click the MANAGE ORGANIZERS link located just above the DETAILS card on the right. Organizers have full editing capabilities of the sign ups they are assigned to.


  • Title - The header for your sign up
  • Description - This will show just below your main header and should be a brief description of what your sign up is for
  • No Set Dates or Repeats - If your sign up has no set dates, or if this sign up repeats in the future (ie. every other week), then check this box
  • Start and End - If not, enter the start date and time and the end date and time. These times will be used as a default to create your tasks or slots later. NOTE - These dates are not the PUBLISH dates of your sign up.
  • Location - If people have to be at a specific location, enter that location here


  • Upload Banner - The banner image display along the top of your sign up
  • Upload Background - The background image display in the background of the overall sign up
  • Only show Group Headings - For those sign ups with a long list of slots, we recommend only showing the group heading as the default. This will collapse the Group of slots and require the user to expand the Group to view the various slot names. This can be handy will sign ups for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Rather than show every Teacher's available time slots, this setting will only show the various teacher's names and then the user an expand that group to view the various times available for that teacher.
  • Show # of Slots - You can also limit the number of slots viewed for a Group. In order to see the remaining slots, the user will need to click a "Show More..." link to expand the Group further.
 RSVP card
  • Add RSVP - To create a simple RSVP on your sign up, simply check this box and it will show options for Yes, No, or Maybe for attendance
  • Collect Adult and Children Count - This will request further information when someone RSVPs to your event by asking how many adults or children are in their party
  1. Click + Add new group to create a new group of slots
  2. Enter a Group name for these slots - NOTE: If you are merely looking to collect general Interest for a group of slots and do not want to assign the volunteers to specific slots yet, simply check the "I am only collecting 'General Interest' for this group' check box.
  3. Select if you are asking people to DO something or if you'd like them to BRING something
  4. Click + Add slots if you would like to add a slot to this group or click + Add shifts if you'd like to auto-create shifts between two times with optional breaks between each shift. For example, you can create 25 minute shifts with a break of 5 minutes after each shift between 1:00p and 4:00p. The system will automatically create shifts that start and end at the top and bottom of each hour with a 5 minute break between each.
  5. Fill in the corresponding fields to create your task or shifts.
  6. SAVE your Group
  7. If you wish to collect additional information from your volunteers when they sign up for a task in this Group, you may create these custom fields by clicking the + Add a field to collect link


  • Display Volunteer Names - This will add a link next to each of your tasks on your sign up that a volunteer can click to see who has already sign up for that specific task
  • Display Email Organizers Link - This will display a link on your sign up that will allow users to click and send questions or comments via email to the organizer(s) of the sign up
  • Require Volunteers to Login - This will require all potential volunteers to log in prior to signing up to a slot. This also means that each volunteer must be a registered user of your organization.
  • Set Volunteer Criteria - You can also require volunteers to meet certain criteria in order to sign up and volunteer. For example, some organizations require volunteer certification prior to volunteering. In these cases, the organization will have created a custom field to collect certification dates on their contacts and they can set criteria that will not allow contacts with expired certifications to volunteer.
  • Collect Additional Information - If you wish to collect additional information from your volunteers when they sign up for any slot on this sign up, you may create these custom fields by clicking the "Manage fields" link
  • Transfer Hours/Points - If you are collecting volunteer hours or points per volunteer or family, you can also allow your volunteers to sign up and give their volunteer credit to someone else. This is very handy for Grand Parents to help yet credit the family attending the organization.
  • Allow Admins to Check In - For large events, organizers will often want to check in volunteers to make sure everyone is present and accounted for before the event starts. This setting tuns this option on.
  • Allow Volunteers to Check Themselves In - Sometimes, organizers of events would like the volunteers to check themselves in upon their arrival to let the organizer know they are present and accounted for before the event starts. A small "CHECK IN" button will appear on your sign up for your volunteers to click to check in.


  • Send Reminders - You can set the system to send multiple email reminders to all volunteers to ensure the highest turn-out possible of volunteers. The time sent is based on the start time of the slot or shift the volunteer signed up for.

IMPORTANT- Click the PREVIEW button in the top right hand corner of the st up page to see what your sign up will look like when published. In preview mode, you are also able to set the PUBLISH dates for your sign up.

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