Create a Printable Directory

Many organizations still create printable member or student directories. Luckily, PTOffice makes it very simple with the Directory Maker module. You can create classroom listings, mailing labels and much more.

Here's how to create a printable directory:

  1. Choose DIRECTORIES from the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner
  2. Click the NEW DIRECTORY button to create a new directory or click on a respective directory title to edit a previously created directory
  3. Choose a Template to start your directory
  4. The screen will scroll down to show the various template options
  5. Enter a DIRECTORY NAME and choose the number of columns you'd like your directory to have
  6. If you wish to create a directory for only a certain set of GRADES, choose those grades in the respective drop down menu
  7. MODIFY the available fields as desired
  8. Click SAVE

In your list of Directories, you an now export the directory into a MS Word document for you where you can continue editing if needed.

Good to know:

In order for students to be included in a directory, they MUST BE ASSIGNED TO A CLASSROOM. If you find someone is missing, check that the student is assigned to a specific classroom and that their privacy settings are set to SHOW.

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