Graduate Students

PTOffice allows you to easily graduate students to the next grade and export graduating members into an Excel spreadsheet for future reference. This optional ‘Export File’ is available to pass to the next school for import if they are using PTOffice as well. Here are the recommended steps when ‘Graduating’ your students:

IMPORTANT! Ensure that your grades are in the correct sort order - meaning that the last grade in your school is ranked the highest. Go to the CONTACTS > CLASSROOMS > three dot menu > GRADES section to verify the Sort Order is accurate. The graduate feature shifts student from the lowest sort order to the highest, so it is very important that your grades are in the correct sort order. 

Here's how to graduate your students:

  1. Choose CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Click the 3 Dot menu item next to the Classrooms group name
  3. Choose the Graduate Students option
  4. Select YES and your students will be graduated
  5. The system will auto-download an Excel spreadsheet of all the newly graduated/alumni students to your local drive and also save a copy of this file in the Settings > Backups area.

Good to know:

Do not wait until the start of a new school year to graduate students* Incoming members and registration will take more time and focus, and the time available at the end of a school year is best for graduating students*

Once you are done, you will want to go back into the Classrooms group and re-assign all your students to their new classrooms.

NOTE: You will not be able to create directories or email by grade or classroom until students are reassigned to their new classrooms.

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