Create Custom Contact Fields

Many organizations like to collect additional information about their contacts. They can do this by adding Custom Fields to the profile page and allowing their contacts to fill in the information when possible.

Here’s how to add a custom profile field:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose CONTACTS from the hamburger menu located in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Open the MORE left hand menu and choose MANAGE CUSTOM FIELDS
  4. Click the ADD CUSTOM FIELD button
  5. Enter a Field Label - the name that will appear next to the field
  6. Enter Help Text - this will appear as light gray wording within the field prior to a contact adding their own information
  7. Enter a Sort Order number - this controls the order in which the fields will appear at the bottom of a contact's profile page (all custom fields appear at the bottom of the default contact profile fields)
  8. Choose the Field Type of the field you are adding. Depending on the choice of field type, you may be asked to add additional information. Equation field types will allow you to create a value based on other Numeric field types. For example, you might have a "Years Active" field + "Membership Level" field to create a Master Member Level of some sort.
  9. Click SAVE

Good to know: The fields you have created will be added to the bottom of the default Contact profile fields and be listed according to your assigned Sort Order.

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