Create and Manage a Board, Committee, Faculty and Staff or Group

PTOffice considers Boards, Committees or Faculty and Staff Groups a form of Group. You can add titles to contacts within Groups to properly reflect who a contact is within a certain Group. Thus, creating and managing a Board, Committee or Faculty and Staff group can be done through our Groups capability.

Here's how to create and manage a Group:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper-left hand corner
  3. Click the + ADD A GROUP link at the bottom of the GROUPS section along the left hand menu
  4. ADD the name of your group  ie. Executive Board
  5. Click on the three dot menu option next to your newly created group name and choose MANAGE TITLES if your committee has titles such as Chair, Helper, etc.
  6. Click + TITLE to enter new titles for this group and enter a new title name
  7. Enter a Sort Order number to control the hierarchy of your titles  ie. President would be 1, VP would be 2, Treasurer would be 3, etc.
  8. You can then click within the Assignee area to add and/or remove people from this position.
  9. Click SAVE when finished

Now, when you add new contacts to this group, you will be prompted to assign them to one of the created titles for this group.

Good to know:
Using the three dot menu option next to the group name, you can also manage various options like whether or not you would like to allow contacts to search this group using the online directory or allowing whether or not contact's can see their inclusion in this group on their own profile page.

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