Manage Grades

PTOffice is very flexible when it comes to grades. You can label them as needed as well as modify what levels best fit your organization. That being said, the way in which you set up the grades is very important!

Here's how to add and edit your grades:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Under the GROUPS menu section, choose the CLASSROOMS three dot menu and choose the Edit Grades option.
  4. From here, you can modify the sort order of existing grades, edit the names of the grades or add new grades.

IMPORTANT! PTOffice uses the sort order to determine which grade a child gets moved up to during the graduation process. Ensure that your grades are in the correct sort order - meaning that the last grade in your school has the highest sort order. The graduate feature shifts student from the lowest sort order to the highest, so it is very important that your grades are in the correct sort order. 

You can edit any of the grades information by clicking the small 'edit pencil' for that specific grade.

Good to know:
To set up specialized classrooms for those students that are typically in one classroom yet across many grades, we recommend NOT creating separate grades, but rather handle this at the Classroom level. For example, if your organization has a "Specialized" classroom that has kids between second and fourth grade, create Classrooms called "2nd - Specialized", "3rd - Specialized" and "4th - Specialized" along with the other classrooms created within those grades.

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