Reset Your Account & Start a New Year

Most organizations have a "transition period" where they move from one year to the next. Typically it involves resetting membership payments, moving contacts from one group to another as well as updating administrators of the account. PTOffice makes it very easy to transition your year from one to the next with a variety of tools.

Here's how to transition your year:

  1. Update your account administrators
  2. Reset all ‘Paid’ Memberships back to ‘Unpaid’
  3. Graduate your kids and push them up a year
  4. Import any new contacts
  5. Assign Contacts to their new classrooms, Boards and Committees
  6. Review and update website content
  7. Review registration settings and setup
  8. Send out announcement to parents for new school year

Good to know: You may also want to COPY and ARCHIVE various items within your account such as various sign ups, stores, emails, etc. to start those items off fresh for the new year. This can be done via the three dot option menu choices for any specific sign up, store, notebook, etc. on the respective dashboard.

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