Update Your Profile Information

After registering to your organization, you may want to go verify or edit your (and your family's) contact information. Updating this information is easy in PTOffice.

Here's how to verify and edit you and your family's contact information:

  1. Open the FAMILY INFO panel to be sure all your family members are connected to your account. You can click on each name to view their information and their privacy settings. NOTE: You will only be able to edit those people are associated to your household.
  2. Update your USERNAME and PASSWORD as desired
  3. Choose to SHOW or HIDE various components of your profile information. NOTE: This should be done for ALL members of your family - including children. These settings will control what information other registered users of your organization can see when using the member search bar.
  4. Pay any unpaid membership fees by opening the MEMBERSHIP DETAILS panel and clicking the "Pay Unpaid Registration Fees" link
  5. SAVE your profile when you're done

GOOD TO KNOW: Your organization may choose to limit your capabilities like updating your profile information or adding additional family members based on Membership Fee payment status. Please contact your organization's administrator with questions.

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