Generate Backup Files

PTOffice offers a number of ways to get your information out of the system. In fact, we automatically create back up files of your entire database at various intervals to help make sure you never lose any data. We also provide you with the ability to make your own back up file. Here's how...

How To View Backup Files in PTOffice:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose SETTINGS from the hamburger menu in the upper-left hand corner
  3. Click the box labeled "Backup" on the top-right (Image below*)
  4. When the pop-up window opens, select whether you want to download a system auto-backup version, create a new one, or delete an older one. (Image below*)
  5. If you create a file, it will save as a user update and then allow you to download or delete the file you created
  6. Ensure your browser's pop-up blocker is OFF
  7. Files are downloaded as .xlsx (Excel)
  8. Click the X button on the upper-right of the pop-up window when you are finished

PTOffice automatically updates your system backup files weekly, and those dates/times will be presented in the pop-up window once you click the Backup box in settings.

Good to know: Simply put, the backup files are module-based copy of your history in the application.

They are not a "get back to start" button. They will only allow you to view information, not re-install the information. 

The files are spreadsheets of saved data such as: member fee payments, store purchases, sign up submissions, etc. 

We suggest NOT deleting any auto-saved files. However, if you are making progress in the application, such as: contact upload, sign up creation, or even store purchases, we advise creating a back-up file and downloading to have in case of an emergency data loss.

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