Send Messages to Non-Paid Contacts

Once the school year has began, and the rush of the username and password creation has died down, your parent-teacher group may have some contacts with unpaid fees.

Fortunately, PTOffice has a few simple steps to make this as easy as possible.

Send an email from within the system to all UNPAID contacts, households, or families

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click on the fee listed under the GROUPS section
  4. On the right-hand side, on the top-right of the rows of contacts, you'll see a "VIEW UNPAID" section. Click that link to switch between viewing paid and unpaid contacts
  5. Select all records you wish to send a reminder email to by checking the box in the top-left corner of the contact rows
  6. Scroll to the right and click the THREE DOTS menu for any of the selected contacts
  7. Click SEND MESSAGE and then decide between INDIVIDUAL or ALL SELECTED

Good To Know: Always check the "VIEW UNPAID" text in the top-right corner of the contact rows to be sure who you're searching. When you're viewing the UNPAID contacts, it will show "VIEW PAID ADULTS/HOUSEHOLDS/FAMILIES" and allow you to toggle back and forth  between those lists. Also, make you update the PYMNT REC'D status if you receive any cash or check orders. Paid privileges won't be given to that member until you do!

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