How to format images for your sign up or store banners and store items

Learn how to size and format the images you upload to your sign up or store banner.

When uploading images to your sign up or store, you'll see that we list the recommended size as 1920 pixels wide by 460 pixels high (1920x460) for banners and 315 pixels wide by 240 pixels high (315x240) for item images. An image with these sizes will look best when people view your sign up or store on a large desktop monitor.

With that being said, your sign up or store page is responsive. This means that it automatically adapts to the size of screen the person is viewing it on. For screens smaller than 1920x730, images will be cropped as the site "responds" to the size of the screen. This is done in order to retain the overall look of the page (including your buttons, title, countdown timer, and more) on a wide variety of screen sizes. 

How to format your images:

As a general rule of thumb, you always want to keep the width to height ratio consistent with our recommended size. This means the width should always be about 4.2 times the size of the height for banners. This will ensure your image will get "stretched" proportionately if it's smaller than the recommended size. Keep in mind, the more an image stretches, the more "pixelated" an image can become (blurry), so try to find an image as close to the recommended size as possible.


You can use tools like PowerPoint or Paint to create your banner as desired and you can use tools like Lightshot and others to help measure the height and width of your image.

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