How-To Copy & Archive Sign Ups, Stores

Don't fix what isn't broken; if you've put in the work of creating a sign up or store, take what you've built and copy it into a new one to save time.

How To Make A Copy Of An Old Sign Up/Store in PTOffice:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose SIGN UPS or STORE from the hamburger menu in the upper-left hand corner
  3. Navigate to the Sign up/Store you'd like to work with and click the three dots menu to the right of the row.
  4. Select "Make A Copy" from the menu options (Image below*)
  5. After copying the sign up, go into the new copy and EDIT the title, URL, dates and details.

How To Archive A Sign Up/Store in PTOffice:

  1. Once the previous Sign up/Store has been copied, click "Archive" from the three dot menu options
  2. The previous store will now be available in the left-hand menu under "Archive"

Good to know: We suggest NOT deleting any sign ups or stores. With the archive feature, you'll still be able to access the archived items and all of their data, just not have them crowding your sign ups view in the main module.

This is important for recalling important data from sign ups and stores such as event descriptions, and even sales totals and order information.

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