How To: Merge Parents into a Single Family

Sometimes, usually due to a contact's regsitration error, two parents end up in two different family units when they should have been in one family unit or potentially in one family unit but in different households. Be sure you understand how PTOffice stores family units. In order to fix this, the families must be added to the same Family ID/Unit. Here's how to accomplish this...

Step 1: Go to one of the Parent's profile pages by searching for that contact in the Contacts module and clicking on their name.

Step 2: Begin typing the family name you wish to add this parent to in the "Link to a Family" field. When you see the other family's name to link to, simply select that name and Save the profile.

Step 3: This profile has now been added to this new Family ID/Unit. If this parent needs to be in a separate household (divorce situation), you can modify this contact's Household by editing their profile and choosing the opposite household and then saving their profile.

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