Create your organization's website

PTOffice provides a full, no limited, website for your organization. Although all PTOffice website allow for a custom sub domain with "" appended, we also provide the ability to map a currently owned domain as well.

Here's how to begin setting up your website:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose WEBSITE from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Enter a desired sub-domain name for your site (you can always map it to a custom domain later if desired)
  4. Begin customizing the look and feel of your website - CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW
  5. Begin building pages with content on your website - CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW

Intro Tutorial Video

Here's how to map an owned domain to your PTOffice site:

Setting up domain mapping can be tricky.

The exact process will depend on your domain provider and you should review the steps on their site accordingly. Here is how you can map any domain to your new PTOffice website. Changes can take up to 24 to 48 hrs to take hold, but usually happen between 2-4 hrs depending on the Domain Registrars TTL settings and their internet provider’s DNS caching. It varies for each domain. Be sure your @ A Record isn’t listed to some other hosting company and not the root of your domain registrar. This means you will have to edit the DNS at your hosting account and not the domain registrar.

  1. Log into your Domain Registrar.
  2. Edit the DNS Settings (Or named something similar like “Manage DNS”).
    This screen you’ll see A Records, MX Records, CNAME, etc.
  3. You will want to point your domain using the following:

CNAME record –

A record –

Primary domain –

    4. Edit the A Records. Delete the lines for “*” and “www” records.

   5. Edit the CNAME records. Delete any Record alias for WWW.

   6. Create new CNAME.

   7. In the Alias put “WWW” and for the host put “”
and Save your new record.

   8. Contact and tell us your PTOffice website address and the the URL of your domain and request “Domain Mapping”. Please note, that many browsers (like Chrome) now require a secure site certificate (https vs http) and will show a warning if a site does not have one. We're more than happy to provide one free of charge.

9. Wait a few hours for the domain name to propagate for all users.

Good to know:
PTOffice uses a WordPress back-end to manage your website. WordPress is the world leader in website management tools and is extremely customizable.

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