Creating and managing Classrooms

A very important component of PTOffice is how you organize your classrooms. You can place children into Classrooms and assign various contacts as Teachers or Room Parents.

Here's how to set up a Classroom:

  1. LOGIN to your PTOffice account
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner and choose the CONTACTS module
  3. Click on the CLASSROOMS group name
  4. Click the + Classroom link located towards the top right hand corner of the table. To edit a classroom, simply click on the classroom name you wish to edit.
  5. Enter the Classroom Name (we recommend including the grade and teacher name. ie. 5 - Smith)
  6. Select the Grade from the drop down (manage Grades)
  7. ADD TEACHERS - Click in the Assign Teachers field and begin typing a teacher's name. Select the name when it appears.
  8. ADD ROOM PARENTS - Click in the Assign Room Parents field and begin typing a room parent's name. Select the name when it appears.
  9. ADD STUDENTS - Select the Students you wish to add from the left hand column of names and click the ADD button. All assigned students of this classroom will appear in the right hand column.
  10. Click SAVE.
  11. Click the CLOSE button to return to the Contacts > Classrooms page. You should see the numbers of members added to your new Classroom.
  12. The edit a classroom, simply click the classroom name desired

Want to hide classroom info? Or deny parents the ability to modify their child's grade assignments?

  1. From the CONTACTS module, click on the three dots menu next to CLASSROOMS tab on the left side.
  3. Once the window opens, select the options you prefer and hit "SAVE

Good to know: You don't need to create a separate group to designate a contact as Teacher. By assigning a contact a a teacher in the Classroom, you have already designated that person as a Teacher.

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