Set up membership dues and fees (optional)

Many organizations request or require members to pay a membership fee or dues. PTOffice gives your organization the ability to charge this fee to your members during the registration process.

Typically, this fee represents a ‘Registration Fee’ or ‘Membership Dues’ of some kind. You also have the ability to remove certain website capabilities if they don’t pay the fee  (like not being able to use the online member search toolbar).

Here’s how to set up these fees:

  1. LOGIN to your PTOffice
  2. Click on CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click the MORE menu item on the left to expose additional menu options
  4. Click on the MANAGE MEMBERSHIP FEES menu item
  5. Click the ADD REGISTRATION FEE button
  6. Fill in the various page options:

FEE CATEGORY: If someone pays the fee, who should be marked as 'paid'?
Individual Fee - only the person paying the fee will be marked as 'paid'
Household Fee - the Household of the contact paying the fee will be marked as 'paid'
Family Fee - the entire family (both households) of the contact paying the fee will be marked as 'paid'

FEE NAME: Provide a name for this fee. ie. Annual Family Dues

FEE AMOUNT: Enter the amount to be charged. Check 'optional' if you would like to allow contacts to register without having to pay this fee.

PAYMENT METHODS: Check the various methods you would like to allow.
Note: If you allow cash or check options, you will need to manually mark the order as PAID once you receive the cash or check. The registering member will not receive paid benefits until that is completed.

BENEFITS RECEIVED: Check all those benefits you would like 'paid' contacts to receive

BENEFITS REMOVED: Check all those benefits you would like 'unpaid' contacts to have removed

NOTE: All contacts who's information is marked as SHOW in their profile page will appear in the online searchable directory toolbar (if placed on your website). A non-paid member cannot be excluded from the search results unless their profile information is marked as HIDDEN.

   7. Click the SAVE button

Once this registration fee has been setup, a new step in the registration process will appear and a new Group with the registration name will appear under the CONTACTS > Groups area (denoted with "(fee)" appended to the membership fee name.

Good to know:Be sure to remember to 'reset' all contacts to 'unpaid' prior to the new school year if this is an annual fee.

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