Set up parent registration and account security

All of your adult contacts have the opportunity to register to your organization if you choose. Registering to your account provides a multitude of possibilities for your contacts, such updating their contact information for you, allowing them to access various "login required" areas and to kee track of their various activity such as volunteering, purchases, and more.

Here's how to set up your registration:

  1. LOGIN to your PTOffice
  2. Click on CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click the MORE menu item on the left to expose additional menu options
  4. Click on the REGISTRATION SETUP menu item
  5. Fill in the various options:

Protect with password: If you would like to require a password to be known in order to begin your registration process, enter a password here

Alert someone: Whenever a contact registers, this person will receive an email notification

Require manual approval: If this is enabled, after a contact successfully registers, they will still not be able to login until the "Approver" manually goes into the profile and enables login for the contact. It is not recommended to turn this on at the beginning of the registration process

Limitations: You have the ability to limit the ability for contacts to add additional members from within their own profile 

Request membership fee: You can also present the registering contact with your Membership Fee page to prompt them to pay your fee at the time of registration

Additional web pages: Upon completion of the registration process, you can automatically open new browser tabs for your registering contact to specific web pages. This is great for showing them a Spirit Store or Sign Up you may have created.

Available actions: You can perform various actions with regards to your registrations as well. Clicking SEND will open a prompt to send a customized email to all non-registered contacts in your account and will include a link to easily get into the registration process.

GOOD TO KNOW:In order to drastically reduce their workload, many organizations choose not to require a password or manual approval of registrants for the beginning of their registration period. Instead, they wait until the initial rush is over and then choose to implement these security measures to catch any 'stragglers'.

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