Connecting online payment processors

PTOffice allows you to connect to your very own processor account (Stripe) - ensuring you keep your non-profit discounts! Below describes how to connect your processor to your PTOffice account to allow your members to pay via credit card.

Note: This process requires you or your organization to already have a Stripe account. If you choose to use our Fundraiser module, you will need to link your processor to each fundraiser you create.

Here's how to connect your processor:

  1. LOGIN to PTOffice
  2. Choose SETTINGS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click on the ONLINE PAYMENTS box
  4. Choose a processing fee option - these fee options DO NOT APPLY to membership fees setup in the Membership Fee Setup section

FREE OPTION WITH TIP - most popular!: With this option, the purchaser will be presented with an optional "Tip Jar" at checkout to help cover our processing fees. This tip is covered by the customer and does not come out of your profit. This portion of the charge is electronically directed to PTOffice.

4.9% PTOFFICE FEE: With this option, the Tip Jar will be removed and a required 4.9% processing fee will be applied at checkout. You have the option of adding this fee to your customer's order (customer covers the cost) or having the fee removed from the amount received from the purchase (organization covers the cost). This portion of the charge is electronically directed to PTOffice.

NOTE: Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 30c for each credit card transaction (qualified non-profits)

   5. Choose the Stripe radio button and click CONNECT
   6. Follow the prompts to connect your account

Good to know:
When payments are processed, PTOffice also passes a short description with each charge to help you determine where the charge was made. For example, a purchase made from a store would appear as in your Stripe account as PTO Store.

REFUNDS are processed from within your processing account and not through PTOffice. Incurred PTOffice fees are non-refundable.

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