Should I Close Registrations or Keep Them Open?

PICTURE THIS: As the PTOffice administrator in charge of registration setup, you have opted for leaving it open-ended meaning, it stays open until you set the start date for next year's registration.

Meanwhile, the current school year ends and some families get excited that their little one just moved from fourth to fifth grade...

They make what seems to be a harmless edit on their child's profile, moving them up to fifth grade via the drop down menu...

Now, when you go to graduate your fifth graders into sixth grade, their little one was included in that group! What ensues is a mixture of confusion and paranoia, and the hassle of getting that child back into the grade they're supposed to be.

By closing registration for the end of a school year, you can ensure no one can do this via their profiles, and the kids who need to be graduated will be moved appropriately.

If you don't, you risk having a handful of situations that need to be remedied individually as they're discovered, causing you to waste time with a painstaking process.

Here's how to set up your registration (and close it once prompted!):

  1. LOGIN to your PTOffice
  2. Click on CONTACTS from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Click the MORE menu item on the left to expose additional menu options
  4. Click on the REGISTRATION SETUP menu item
  5. Fill in the various options
  6. Click OPEN REGISTRATION button in upper right corner
  7. Establish OPEN & CLOSE Dates* Click save*
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