Checklist for Back to School Night

There are a few things you should do BEFORE your Back to School Night event. Here’s a checklist (with clickable links to exact instructions to accomplish each task) of what you should do to best prepare for the new year.

Here are some things you should verify that you’ve done before your Back to School Night event:

  • Review your website content and update if needed. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Colors and Home page layout
Manage custom pages

  • If you have (or are) collecting a Membership Fee during the registration process, make sure you’ve reset all ‘Paid’ Memberships back to ‘Unpaid’ and make sure you’ve removed any older Membership Fees from previous years. NOTE: Verify your payment processor account is set up correctly and that your account has a very descriptive title to avoid very costly charge backs! We recommend something like ‘Demo PTO Purchase-Donation’. 
  • Be sure to Graduate your kids and push them up a year before your event, so that people are merely verifying their information and not needing to change it. If you do not do this, you will run into problems where new parents will be adding their children into their grade for the upcoming year. If you then need to Graduate your students afterwards, those same kids will then get pushed up to the next grade in the process.
  • If you have them, it’s always a good idea to import any new members before people start to register. It just makes it easier for them to simply verify their information rather than having to type it all in that night.
  • Review registration settings and setup. It is always recommended to test your registration process to see what it looks like. Assuming you have access to an unregistered email address, simply pretend your a new parent and go through the process to make sure it all looks as intended prior to the event. Afterwards, you can simply delete the new user you created.
  • You may want to remove the password requirement from your registration process as well, but be sure to add it back when the event is over.

Here are some things you should do AFTER your Back to School Night is over:

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